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Knate The Hair Doctor

Having worked in the hair industry for more than 25 years, Kevin Thomas AKA "K-Nate" is highly acclaimed for his unique approach to Nonsurgical hair replacement & styling. K-Nate's style is both innovative and contemporary, elevating the definition of today's Nonsurgical hair replacement & hair styles for men and women. 

K-Nate started cutting hair during junior high and found his passions early. Unknowingly his mother "Teresa" led hi into barbering. Saying, "You better get them clippers out the closet Boy" So K-Nate did just that and started practicing on his own hair and earning money from cutting hair for family & the kids in the neighborhood. K-Nate kept growing his small business through high school and all the way through college. In doing so he was able to create a massive community to support his talents and services. Now K-Nate is located in Matteson IL. working on moving forward with his education on nonsurgical hair replacement, scalp micopigmitation. 

Please visit K-Nates Booking section to see his available times. 

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Knate The Hair Doctor
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